Transforming the
D365 Supply Chain

ProcessOne 365 is an EDI & B2B software architecture that transforms the D365 supply chain, turning all your supply chain systems into one integrated supply chain.

Secure your supply chain, all powered within Microsoft D365. Simple to implement with full visibility and management for your existing team.

Under the hood

ProcessOne 365 is a cloud-based EDI/B2B solution running on Microsoft Azure tightly interfaced with Microsoft D365.

ProcessOne 365 delivers unrivalled capabilities including:

  • Embedded in the D365 user interface
  • Automated updates in D365 with incoming transactions
  • Creating or sending outbound transactions directly from D365
  • Automated exchange of transactions with trading partners
  • Detailed audit trail of all transactions sent or received
  • Capturing error details while notifying the right users

All from the D365 user interface your users are familiar with.

Supply Chain Transparency

Process 365 is format agnostic!

Whatever technology is required to integrate, ProcessOne 365 has the capabilities to work with this.

  • EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, the concept of businesses electronically communicating information
  • B2B, Business to Business one business makes a commercial transaction with another, typically occurs through web services
  • B2C, Business to Consumer, the business model of selling products directly to customers,
  • FTP, File Transfer Protocol, a standard communication protocol used for the transfer of computer files from a server to a client on a computer network.
  • CSV, a text file
  • Excel, import and extracting Excel data

Customer Case Studies

ProcessOne 365 has real world success stories, customers who have used the software to transform their supply chain. All of these customers have two things in common, an end-to-end integrated supply chain and the ability to grow.

24x7 support for your installation.

Support that covers ProcessOne 365 technology, D365 Rest APIs, Azure. Contact out support team with a phone call or an e-mail to to get the support process underway.